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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Share a Spread Sunday: 'The Seven Method'

I read about this in a little book I picked up in The Works called 'Tarot' by Kathleen McCormack. I've adapted it from the original instructions just slightly. I found the shuffling method over-complicated. It's a fun spread because it has a sort of old-fashioned fortune teller feel to it -- you turn cards over one by one, and move them around during the reading. I like to use this spread with very quick, simple interpretations.

This question is best used to answer a specific question.

Shuffle the deck and cut, then lay out a row of seven cards, face down, starting from the right. (Alternately, you may spread the cards and select seven at random, laying them out in a row of seven, starting from the right.)


1) Turn over the central card, card 4. This is the querent's attitude and reactions to the matter in question. 
2) Turn over card 7. This is the outcome, the answer to the question.
3) Turn over card 6. This is unexpected obstacles or surprises that must be overcome in order to get to the outcome.
4) Turn over card 5. This is a source of help.
5) Pick up card 3 and lay it face up, slightly overlapping at the bottom of card 5. This card adds clarity to the kind of help (or hindrance, should the cards be unfortunate) that will be given. 
6) Pick up card 2 and lay it face up, slightly overlapping at the bottom of card 6. This card adds clarity to the nature of the obstacle or unexpected. 
7) Pick up card 1 and lay it face up, slightly overlapping at the bottom of card 7. This adds clarity to the influences around the outcome. 

Quick Sample Reading (Using Sacred Rose Tarot)

The querent is feeling very worried about the issue. It's really becoming a source of tremendous overthinking; he may lay awake nights because of it.

 The outcome of the situation, however, looks very hopeful. This could end very well, in a feeling of great personal satisfaction, 'sitting pretty'.

However, the main thing that stands between the querent and this satisfying ending is his own paralyzing thought life. Thinking that there's no way forward, the temptation will be to just sit there and take no action at all. Even if the thinking is brought under control,the details of getting from point A to point B might seem too unrewarding to pursue. The payoff just seems too far away.

The querent will get an offer of the highest level of practical help, either great expertise in the area in question, or financial backing, or both. This probably won't fall from the sky -- the querent will likely have to seek it out. But that help is out there, and it won't take much work to find it.

The offer of help comes from a dynamic woman in a position of some power and authority. This is probably someone the querent already knows, or a friend of a friend.  It might be surprising how much she knows, how much she has to offer.

One thing that holds the querent back, standing between the querent and success, is reluctance to throw himself into the project with great gusto. He doesn't see himself as a competitive type person. He's never thought of himself as lead man in a battle charge. But the Queen of Wands and her cornucopia of gold are there for backing, and he should take confidence from them. 

A quality hovering around the successful outcome is mastery of emotion. One thing the querent is going to need to learn to do is to take control of his emotions, master his fears, keep his nerves in check, learn a bit about keeping a poker face. By all means, keep his warmth and sympathy for others, but don't cave in to nerves and doubts. That will be a key factor. 

If you would like me to do a reading for you using The Seven Method, just click the tab above labeled 'Order a Reading', select the '4-6 cards' option (I know it's seven cards, but it's a quickfire type reading) and write 'The Seven Method' plus your question in the extra information lines in Paypal. I would be most pleased to read for you using this card layout!


  1. Another interesting spread, Carla! And I love how you illustrate these, it really brings the reading to life :)

    1. Thanks, I am glad you're finding it interesting. :)