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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Star of Babylon

Babylonian Tarot (Cicero 2006)
The Ace of Disks in Babylonian Tarot is very similar in design to the Ace of Disks from the Thoth Tarot. The Babylonian one is simpler. The circle in the middle is said to be the Babylonian symbol for the sun. At the top of the card is the cuneiform symbol for 'one', and at the bottom left is the cuneiform symbol for 'grain'.

The Thoth card is also known as 'the root of powers of the earth', and this is an apt description of the Ace of Disks (also known as Coins or Pentacles). As always, the ace of the suit represents the full potential of the power of the element of the suit. It is truly a purely elemental card. In the case of the Disks, it represents all things having to do with the physical, the material, the financial. So here we have material gain, prosperity, health, the faculties of the senses, work, labor, possibly even power and wealth. Aces can always suggest the beginning of something as well, or at least that the energies are positive for the beginning of the something. An auspicious time for starts in projects focusing on the earth realm. It might also suggest that now is the time to get back to basics in the realm of the earth element. This could mean having a fresh look at one's finances, being on the alert for new opportunities in work and career, or a good time to start a new health regime or make an appointment to see the doctor about something that's been bothering you. It's a good time to do something new in any or all of these areas of your life.

The Thoth card is more ornate than the Babylonian card, but that is true of every similar card in the pack. Lady Frieda Harris's art style is quite different, more accomplished and ornate than the Babylonian Tarot's. Still the similarities are obvious: green coloration, a star inside a circle in the middle, the oval or lozenge shape with the rather pointed ends has a name and esoteric significance, but at the moment I can't recall what it is nor remember what book I read it in! It has something to do with perfection in the world--if I remember it I will come back here and add the information. :)

I don't feel very filled with the potential energy of the suit today, having only slept 4.5 hours last night. But, still gotta go to work, so who knows what the day may bring.


  1. The lozenge thing is called the vesica piscis, and it's the interconnecting point between two circles. Here's a link to the wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesica_piscis Rachel Pollack talks about it in 78 Degrees, I think. It's where two aspects or elements join and merge, the perfect balance between opposing forces, something like that...
    Lovely card for the day. Perhaps today will be the day you/I decide to make sleep a priority, and change habits to benefit it...

  2. Not feeling the energy of that card today either. Bad sleep for me too. I did make a commitment to start walking again, and as soon as I finish up on the computer I'm heading out with my daughter. So, it works for me there. I don't have to feel like walking to do it. lol

  3. I believe I'll go with Chloe's interpretation and see this as going to bed at a decent hour tonight. :) Hope you enjoyed your walk, Siddaleah!

    1. I was in bed by 9.40pm *wipes halo clean* :D