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Monday, 21 October 2013

Which cup will she choose?

(The card must have blown sideways a bit when I closed the scanner this morning, but I decided to just leave the image like this because, why not.) 

Today's card from the Spiral Tarot is 7 of Cups. As with most of the cards in this deck, I quite like this one. I like that the woman holds an umbrella standing in the rain, and she is looking down at the cups, but she can't quite see them through the mist. Usually with the 7 of Cups there is someone looking upward toward the cups, as if they are aspirations out of reach, or something not quite within our control or grasp, sometimes even like pipe dreams. But in this card, the woman looks down toward them and they are all sitting on the ground around her. The mist seems a natural result of the rain and damp, like when your glasses fog up. She is free to move about the cups and make her selection. True, she can't see them very clearly for the layer of mist overhanging them, but she can take her time. She's in no rush. The mist may part just enough that she can see the cup she's examining moment to moment at least, even if she can't see them all at once. It might even be better that she can't see them clearly all at once. Could be overwhelming. The LWB says she can't see the cups at all, but I think she can see them, just not clearly.

The cups have different colours inside, as if they were lined with an enamel coating. Starting from the top, behind the woman, there is yellow, then green, blue, orange, black, red and blue again. People have all sorts of associations with colours; for example, yellow may remind you of light or the sun, green of nature, blue of peaceful emotions or contentment, orange of vibrancy and life, black of rest, death or something absolute, red of passion or heat. I've looked very closely at the two blue cups and I can't discern a difference in the shade of blue used. If it's there it's too subtle for me. So of course the first thing I wonder is, why are there two blue cups. Maybe it's because no matter what choices lie before us, what we really want is peace and contentment. And the fact that there is a double dose of it there, that 2 out of 7 options contain it, well, maybe that means the odds are stacked more favorably for us to achieve it than we thought.

I may be facing a choice today. Don't know yet.


  1. Yes, my two ambitions in life are for peace and contentment. The only two ever, I think, but they are the 2 things that always seem to be out of reach!

  2. As you say, an interesting card! I see the "yellow" cup behind her as actually being empty - she's already been there and drunk her fill, now she has to choose her next step. Hope it brings you what you hope for :)