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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Over the rainbow

Okay, wow. The central upward-pointing arrow reminds me of my aspirations. Achieving (or at least moving toward) my aspirations requires compassionate speech and taking a close, careful look in the 'dark corners' of things. Again I am seeing the message to look deeply and speak softly. The Magnifying glass, flashlight, and arrow are all at the same angle -- it seems to reinforce the message. And if we read left to right, it says that looking closely at the dark, hidden side of things leads upward toward either a reconciliation of sorts, or achievement of a goal. The speech bubble is actually empty. So maybe words won't need to be spoken, or maybe the 'enlightenment' provided by the torch will render me speechless.

What the heck is going to happen today!!


  1. Well, I do hope you update on this one, as it sure sounds interesting! Of course, if one went for a more prosaic reading, it could say you need to shine a light on small issues above your head, that are affected by weather and may require you to make a phonecall - ie. blocked drains?! ;)

    1. No blocked drains, but I did do some research and found out some things about some mantras, having to do with chakras. So there I have the flashlight and magnifying glass, the upward arrow, the colours of the rainbow, and the speech bubble! Strange how things work out.

    2. Perfect - both everyday and esoteric :)