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Monday, 6 January 2014


Thoth Tarot
The 8 of Wands is a card about speed and communication, and both are already playing a big part in my day today. My computer is messing with my mind today. The Shock Wave Flash Plug-in whatever-the-heck-it-is keeps crashing. The thing keeps freezing. It keeps logging me out. I may actually have to do something besides piddle around on the Internet all day today, which is a bit frightening! But even though it's been playing silly-whats-it, I've still managed to receive an email from Book Depository offering me a full refund on that poorly printed Golden Tarot Visconti-Sforza, and I've submitted my application for the secondment I mentioned in a previous post. Yay! So now the wait begins for two more communications - the email telling me that my money has been refunded to my account, and the email telling me that I have been successfully shortlisted and invited to interview for the secondment.

This is a funny-looking card from the Thoth Tarot that looks to me like an overhead view of a transparent multi-coloured jelly moulded in the shape of pyramid, receiving electric shock treatments. It's wiggling around from being zapped by the red bolts of electricity. Wiggle wiggle buzz buzz.

The card is Mercury in Sagittarius, which means nothing to me. DuQuette tells me it means 'the element of fire has become stabilized and is eminently comfortable.' So that's no help. He goes on to say, 'This card is like two people who have had too much coffee who stay up all night, talking simultaneously.' In other words, it's just like the RWS 8 of Wands.

Okay, off to run around wiggling and buzzing today. And make some more coffee, actually. No joke.


  1. Makes you wonder about quality control when the entire deck is off? Glad to hear you got a refund :) And good luck with your job application!

    I love the artwork on this card... it has such a happy feel to it. You mention jelly and I'm thinking tea parties with fluffy cakes and fancy biscuits *checks food cupboard*

  2. And here was me thinking that the pyramid represented our soul and the lines of energy are all the possible directions we could take - a multitude of choices for our energy to pour into :D I'll go with wiggle, wiggle, buzz, buzz!