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Friday, 14 February 2014

Crossing over

Morgan Greer Tarot, 1979
Is it going to be rainy again today?? I think so! But I hope this card means we're going to be seeing the backside of it soon. We've been lucky here in Warwickshire; we haven't had the sort of flooding and devastation they've had in Somerset and the south of England.

I'm also heading into the home stretch of my notice period before I start my new post. Two more weeks. I guess this is the winding down period. The card suggests being rowed away from the familiar and toward a new horizon.  It is a traditional interpretation of the card, but can be applied to so many transitional situations. What's left behind can be either good or bad. What's in the future can be either good or bad. It's a neutral card as it is. The interpretation comes both from context of the question and the cards surrounding it, if part of a larger draw.

As a daily card, I see it as a cue to watch for the 'transitional' elements today, and a sign to start tying up the loose ends of my job. Long row ahead to other shore, but it's in sight. These are things I already knew of course. The tarot card is just a reminder, a trigger. It sparks personal reflection. What's in transition in your life? (And how's the weather?)

Anyway, that's it for this week with Morgan Greer. I think next week I'll draw from Elisabetta Trevisan's Crystal Tarot...or maybe that big funny-looking deck I got from the Works the other day. Apart from that hideous Chariot card, I rather like that one! :)

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