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Monday, 10 February 2014


Morgan Greer Tarot
Ah now, this is a nice cheery card for a Monday. Bright yellow, featuring a keep perched atop a butte, framed by four upright wands and a garland of flowers. It's the 4 of Rods from Morgan Greer Tarot (1979).

In my new timetable (soon to change entirely with a new job!), I've been enjoying Mondays and Thursdays because I've been 'back home' in the library where I've worked since 2004. It's familiar, I can walk there, I know where I stand there, I'm on very comfortable ground. This card does have a meaning of a celebration of home, homecoming, or reunions, personal ties, social concord. It can also mean a harvest celebration, the joy of something being completed, thanksgiving after labour. And that has relevance as well, as my new job starts in just a couple of weeks, so it won't be long until I say good-bye to this familiar work place for at least 12 months, possibly forever, depending on how things turn out.

What are you bringing to completion or fruition? What are you celebrating?

Today, may I celebrate my successes and enjoy my day.

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