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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Queen of Ocean and Emotion

Morgan Greer Tarot
Today's card is Queen of Cups. It's supposed to be very rainy and blowy today. Hope I don't drown! :)

I do think this card has a lot to do with the weather today.

I'm off to the hospital for a first consultation about treatment of tinnitus. Hubby is graciously giving me a lift, because going on the train involves two changes and a long walk. I've been to the hospital on my own several times and have had to walk it, and did tell him it took about 40 minutes to walk, but until he looked at the map last night, I don't think he realized how far it is. It's okay as long as the weather is okay. But today it's supposed to rain a lot--so I'm glad of the lift.

I like this Queen of Cups, though I wish the courts in the Morgan Greer deck weren't all in profile. Well, they aren't all, but most of them seem to be. I don't really like that. It's bad enough they are in close-up and not really doing anything to help you understand them. They then have to be in profile so you can't even seen their faces. No wonder so many people have trouble with court cards. I like the pearls on her dress and crown and earringings, and the sea foam colour of her dress, and how her crown is made of shells. I like her little crescent moon pendant with a teardrop shaped pearl. Nice touches, all, for a queen of Water and emotion.

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  1. I like it she is looking over her cup into the distance as if she is waiting for something or she is just daydreaming.