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Thursday, 6 February 2014


Bonefire Tarot
Wow, another two from Bonefire Tarot today. Here's the 2 of Coins, which pays homage to the RWS image by having a man juggling two coins in a figure of eight, near wavy water with boats. He has a pouty mouth and broody face, reminds me of the Knight of Cups, actually. Maybe he's just in a bit of a meditative state. Finding and maintaining the status quo can become a repetitive and mundane task, the mind wanders, not unlike that stream meandering upward into the sky. Maybe he's doing some daydreaming whilst he goes through the motions that keep the disks juggling in their ceaseless loops.

Sometimes days can feel like that. You do the things you have to do to keep the house going, you go to work, do your tasks, come home, do the tasks there, just keeping things ticking along, and sometimes, you can get through a half a day, a whole day, perhaps even a week or more, without a blip, without breaking the rhythm of the routine. It's like a flow, and I for one do not criticize it. It can be a psychologically healthy thing to be in the groove for a while, the groove of doing what needs to be done. In the 70s, they used to call it 'taking care of business' - 'TCB'. And business must be taken care of, through all the phases of life, from the new sprouts of fresh events or ideas (the green shoots) through to the end of cycles (the dead trees) -- birth to death, those two coins need to be juggled, to remain suspended in the never ending loops. This is what life is about, and the rainbow and valentine heart in the center show that actually, a sort of contentment and deep happiness comes about from the comfort of sustaining routine.

So, hi ho, off to work I go! :)

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  1. Oh, I like that interpretation. I think the seeds and old trees might have confused me, or taken me in a different direction such as balancing the old and the new, but I love your take on them!