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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Thin thighs at card number three

'Until we learn to experience the outer world completely we cannot hope to transcend it. Therefore the first step to enlightenment is sensuality. Only through passion can we sense, from deep inside rather than from intellectual argument, the spirit that fills all existence.' 
     ~Rachel Pollack, 78 Degrees of Wisdom

 I've never really associated the Egyptian pantheon with sensuality. They strike me as somewhat cold, frozen into stiff, expressionless postures. But that's just my reaction to the ancient Egyptian artwork. Study and meditation, as well as contemporary art work, have helped me see there's more there than walking like an Egyptian.

Not that the Empress is Egyptian necessarily, but she is in this deck. And certainly the Empress in all decks is associated with sensuality. (Though in this particular card, she appears less like she is sitting on a throne than that she really, really needs a wee. Plus she might be a little anxious that her stiff bodice is sliding down off her strangely Victoria-Beckham-implant-like chest.)

Rachel Pollack advises that drawing the Empress means a time of passion, a period when we approach life through feelings and pleasure rather than thought. Good. I like that advice for today. I don't want to think about anything. I need to take back some clothing items I bought yesterday that don't fit (one had the wrong size garment hanging on a hanger marked with my size, the other two are cut for women who have more Empress-like chests than me. I can usually tell how something's cut while it's on the hanger and I don't even pick it up, but these surprised me when I tried them on. Wow. Not pour moi!) And then after that, I might...just might...actually do a workout. I haven't done one since 4th Feb. And the last one before that was 10th Dec 2013. So, yeah, I am really out of shape. Out of touch with my 'sensual' side, you might say.

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