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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Four Aces Spring Equinox Reading

4 Aces Spread for Spring Equinox, Cosmic Tarot 1998

This is the 4 Aces Method  as I learned it from Jonathan Dee. The aces in the central column represent the priorities in your life right now. The left column is your hopes and fears about the central ace. The right column is the reality or actual outcome of the central ace. I decided to do this spread for my Spring Equinox reading. 

Right now I am most concerned with my emotional, interpersonal life, my reactions to life and my relationship(s). It would seem that I hope to be a strong, enduring, maternal force--or that I hope to find a sense of being mothered, nurtured or cared for. I'm looking for a mother hen, perhaps. But the reality is that I don't really need nurturing because I am strong enough on my own, and I can overcome any obstacle through the forces of kindliness and confidence. 

It looks like in my thought life, I am facing a choice, or rather looking at things as being quite 'either/or', where the truth of the matter is that everything is a shade of grey and a balancing act, and there is no 'either/or' at all. 

As far as actions, I am putting action much lower on my current priorities (I can attest to the truth of this!) and looking upon it as an inevitability that I will slow down, or that perhaps this is a temporary tide that may turn. The truth is that a teacher or mentor might be of great value to me right now to help get the momentum going again. 

And at the very bottom of my priorities, matters of the physical body, finances, and health. It would seem I feel that attention to these matters has had to be sacrificed, as if the ordering of this in importance in my life is something beyond my control. The Star suggests I need to look for entirely fresh perspective on these matters, to look for inspiration in unexpected places. 

In summary, this draw is telling me to stand up for myself, believe in my own strength, but also keep on the lookout for fresh sources of inspiration and role models. 

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