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Monday, 24 March 2014

Have at you! Take that!

Sasha Graham, in an interview with Daily Tarot Girl, made a nice recommendation for the daily tarot draw. Many people draw a card each day for a general impression of the day, perhaps asking 'What does the universe want of me today?' or 'What is in store for me today?' Sasha puts a more positive spin on it by asking: 'What can I do today that will bring me pleasure and also be positive for my future?' This question certainly encourages you to look for the most positive application for even the most negative cards, and also prompts action of some sort, instead of passive waiting to see what comes about. For these reasons, I believe I'm going to try seeing the card in light of this question for the next few days.

So today I've drawn 7 of Wands from the Cosmic Tarot. The Golden Dawn call this card 'Lord of Valour,' and its astrological correspondence is Mars in Leo. Whoa. This card is all about fighting spirit -- courage -- self-belief. If Mars in Leo doesn't have it, who does?!

'There is a fearless quality to Mars in Leo that's determined to put on a good show. We're ready to fire off some gutsy moves under this influence. Mars in Leo can evoke our inner drama queens, so be sure you have a stage other than your relationships to act out the need to be seen, adored and worshiped. Praise and appreciation go a long way, don't be stingy on the compliments.' ~Sherene Schostack 

I can certainly see this courage and drama in the 7 of Wands card from Cosmic Tarot. The man in his high-waisted trousers with poet shirt tied up at the belly button (!) takes the stance of a dance instructor and draws back his staff to smite the half-hearted jabs of his opposition in a majestic sweep. They don't stand a chance. He will rebuff them with one graceful blow, draw himself up, click his heels together, tuck his staff under his arm and stalk off into the sunset. Probably with a toss of his head.

I really like that, and boy do I need a message like that today. I have some challenges at work, some knotty problems that need to be untied. Today's card tells me I can rise to the challenge -- and not only that I can, that I should. I should do it with the same confidence and assurance as this haughty fellow, with an Errol Flynnish  'Ha ha!! I laugh at you!'

So...what can I do today to bring pleasure to myself and positive impact on my future? I can approach today's challenges like Mars in Leo. Confident, self-assured, and brave, knowing I am most certainly up to the challenge.


  1. It is indeed a great question to ask the tarot. I've watched the video too. I like it how you push this positive feeling you get from the card into the future

    1. I like to try to use the card to get advice for future action...but I often find I see it as a warning or omen rather than instruction on positive steps, at least in self readings. I think the question will help me turn that around a bit.