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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

It's not about the kissing -- Lovers in Cosmic Tarot

Oh, look, a major. Today it's Lovers from Cosmic Tarot. I quite like this card and its very balanced design, with its recurring threes. Three rings around the sun. A cluster of three red flowers. Another cluster of three red flowers. Three stars on the arm of the lady. A 6-pointed star -- three points at the top, three points at the bottom. All those threes caught my eye. Of course, the number of this card is 3+3. Interesting. I like that the man and woman are of equal size in the card. The two trees are the same size and height, too. They seem to be equal partners.

The Lovers card is associated with Mercury in Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, and so funnily enough, Mercury in Gemini is not necessarily about love.

'Mercury in Gemini makes decisions quickly, and they usually turn out well. It is easy for them to communicate with all people from all walks of life. Eloquent and engaging, it is hard to be bored with a Gemini Mercury around.

'Gemini Mercury is a natural witty flirt. Their clever chatting often keeps their partner enthralled. The love to take part in cultural event and enjoy new situations. They blossom in a stimulating, fast-paced environment. When bored, they may stir up trouble just to make things interesting. They like to play mind games and are delighted to find someone who will spar back. A natural at social gatherings, they flit from group to group like a butterfly. They are usually attractive and full of good humour.' ~ Always Astrology

So it becomes more obvious why Lovers is often interpreted to mean a choice or decision - as decision-making is a strength of Mercury Gemini. Also, Gemini itself suggests a split between two, a twinning, or a duality, ie, a choice. And the social, charismatic qualities of Mercury Gemini would fit well with the attractions of the Lovers card. All in all, it makes good sense.

What, then, should I do today that would bring me pleasure and also be good for my future? I should make decisions quickly and efficiently, and if the opportunity presents itself, I should attempt be social and talkative -- in an attractive, good-humoured way. :)

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