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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Rita Hayworth and the Cosmic Redemption

Hey, it's Rita Hayworth! I mean, 9 of Pentacles from the Cosmic Tarot. Everyone is familiar with the interpretation of 9 of Pentacles, enjoying the good life. I know it's my favourite card in several of my decks -- and my very favourite of them all is the 9 of Pentacles from the Morgan Greer Tarot. But this one is really nice, too. Our lovely lady is enjoying all the pleasures of success -- she's young, she's beautiful, she's got great hair, she has a mansion, a fleet of expensive cars, a lovely rose garden right outside her window, and a table laden with the luscious fruits and wine that traditionally symbolize wealth. She's got it all, and has nothing to do but enjoy it (for the moment anyway).

That's great, but there are other ways of looking at the 9 of Pentacles. In the Golden Dawn tradition, it is 'Lord of Gain,' and so all those wonderful meanings of success are there, but it might surprise you to find that the astrological association is Venus in Virgo, and what that implies. Have you ever wondered why the card symbolizing reveling in success depicts a lone woman?

'Venus influences the way we relate to one another, what we find beautiful and what brings more sweetness and light into our lives. When Venus takes residence in earthy Virgo -- the sign ruling work, health and daily routine -- we feel more related to such practical matters. It is an excellent time to fall in love with the simplicity of your daily regimen. We may crave time alone to tend to such things as catching up on our sleep, vitamin taking and attention to details. Work feels more satisfying if we apply ourselves wholeheartedly now. In relationships, honouring each other's need to take space and focus on perfecting our craft is immensely healing now. Virgo emphasizes the process and every beautiful detail involved in acts of refinement. Instead of smothering other people with demands for attention, allow and encourage others to take time for solitude and reflection.' ~ Sherene Schostack 

So that's why there's a lovely lady on her own in the 9 of Pentacles. Because she's representing Venus in Virgo. Cool.

And what can I do today to bring pleasure to myself and also impact positively on my future? The 9 of Pentacles encourages me to bring projects to conclusion (number + suit) and that I will be happiest doing so in a quiet environment on my own (astrological association). I should look for opportunities to resolve issues and then remember to reflect on and enjoy the results of my efforts.

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