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Friday, 4 April 2014

'Just a few more days for to tote the weary load' -- no, wait! Forget that!

Robin Wood Tarot 
There's absolutely no way I accept this card for today, 10 of Wands from Robin Wood Tarot! I am working from home today and I have my work day planned and I am finishing at 14:25, so I will pick up no burdens today -- I say, no thanks. Not doin' it.

(Ten minutes later)
I've just tried to log on using the laptop I've been given and I can't map my network drives, but I don't care. I am not picking up this burden. I will go to the library and use one of their PCs if the laptop doesn't work today. I will phone IT support as soon as they are open and get them to fix it and if it doesn't work I will access my work at the library. I refuse to pick up any burdens today! Well, okay. I might pick up a burden today, but I can carry it. I can carry it steady and strong and I can put it down at 14:25 today. That's all that matters! Plus, I don't even have to carry it. There are people I can pass it along to; they can help me carry it.

Astrologically, the 10 of Wands is associated with Saturn in Sagittarius, which apparently has to do with learning the lessons of patience and perseverance:

Saturn in Sagittarius is conservative, and change only with much resistance. It may be narrow-minded or have tunnel vision. Saturn in Sagittarius needs to learn to trust. Whether open and honest or careless and rebellious, if it doesn't open up, it will continue to suffer. It may need to judge more carefully or learn what is appropriate and what is not. (~Always Astrology)

Sagittarius is a sign that envisions all kinds of possibilities, it thrives on experience and ultimately meaning. Saturn is the planet associated with father time and is seen as being hard-working, persistent and disciplined. (~Astrology Place)

So Saturn in Sagittarius has strong ideas about working hard, persistence, and doing the right thing. Do you see how this can lead to picking up too many burdens, putting too much pressure on yourself, trying to do too much, of somehow feeling that things going right hinge on you and you alone? Oh, the drama of it! That's what the 10 of Wands has always meant to me, and I see that it is confirmed by the astrological associations.

The Golden Dawn call this card Lord of Oppression. It has to do with doggedness. As usual, I love the advice given at Angel Paths Tarot:

On a day ruled by this card, there are certain processes you need to go through in order to work out what the problem is. First, consider whether this is a fleeting effect which will pass. However, if you find you've been feeling frustrated for a while, today is the day to get to grips with that.

I believe I've taken that advice before I even read it. I encountered what could have been a burden and refused to see it that way; instead, I immediately began thinking of alternate routes, solutions -- people to hand a few of my ten wands to.

So I think I've already identified what I can do today to make myself happy and positively impact my future. Ten wands is too much - and I don't have to carry it. You don't either!

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  1. What a great advice to get from this card. Instead of worrying and whining afterwards you are proactive and in charge of your day!
    Have a nice weekend! :)