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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Today it's back to work for me having been off since 11 April. It hasn't been a terribly pleasant break, unfortunately.

I need to have a  meeting with my manager first thing this morning to come up with a work plan for me, or an agreement at least, of a pattern of working from home, or permission to work from home as and when, because I am going to need to be freely available to attend various medical appointments to treat a variety of problems I've been experiencing lately.

The 3 of Coins, or Pentacles, shows a craftsman consulting with what appears to me to be a monk and possibly a wealthy patron or perhaps the designer of the building. I am taking this to mean that there will be cooperation and supervision of my work through this time. I'm dealing with anxiety right now and the reaction of my work place to my request to work from home more frequently is part of that anxiety. Twice a week for a time would be useful right now.

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  1. Fingers crossed this bodes well for work being accomodating. As you say, you're dealing with plenty already without needing added stress from your job. ((Hugs))