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Monday, 26 May 2014

Big floaty purple key

Chakra Wisdom Oracle (Hartman 2014)
Today's card from Chakra Wisdom Oracle (Tori Hartman, Watkins 2014) is another jumble of puzzling strands that need to be unravelled before any of it makes any sense.

Let's look at the image. It's got a purple border -- its from the purple chakra, 6th, the famous 'third eye'. It is the 'sixth sense', the intuition, knowing without seeing. So on this card, we see a door with a shiny keyhole, a great big key, a blue guy blowing on the key, and two women watching. The blue guy would appear to be some sort of angel or spirit, and of course the key and door are common symbols. The card title is Recovery.

Nickname: The Lilac Key
Phrase: Pain from our past unlocks the door of understanding
Legend: Girl wakes from painful dreams of past memories, sees a door and giant lavender key, unlocks door, pain recedes.
At a glance: Lilac offers detachment as you allow yourself to see the big picture. Immaturity grows into partnership with Spirit. Step back and allow angels to bring healing.


Okay. There is a suggestion in the material of helping yourself, unlocking the doors yourself, but the image says something to me of waiting for rescue to arrive from higher planes.

To be honest I'm puzzled by this card. Maybe it would make more sense if it were drawn in response to a specific query. This deck may not be ideal for daily draws.


  1. I see it saying that the key to recovery is always available, but you still have to pick it up and use it :) And I guess it could also be about recovering bits of ourself, things we feel we've lost...

  2. Yes, I can see that. You know how quickly I lose patience with decks. :)

    1. Ha ha, yes. And I can see why you would with this deck... Ah well, at least you're looking for a good home for it, not cutting it up and throwing it away ;)