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Sunday, 11 May 2014

I love my cave!

'Ponder deep inside your soul
Darkness can sometimes make you whole'  

I've decided to look at an oracle deck this week instead of a tarot, the Psy Cards by Nick Hobson. They are drawn from Jungian archetypes. My card for today is 'The Cave'. The thing I like about these cards is you don't need any real extra information to understand them. We all pretty much automatically known what is meant by the cards just from the titles and images. (But in case you would like to read other people's thoughts on the cards, there are a few books about them, and the website I linked to above generously gives a few words about each card.)

Sundays for me are almost always 'Cave' days, days when I can withdraw from the outside world for me time, to recharge and rebalance. I love my slow weekends at home, when I am responsible for nothing and no one and can do whatever I want -- which is usually very little indeed. Quite often a Sunday is a pajama day, a day when I never even bother to get dressed. I love it. I love being past the age of having children (my child is a grown man), so it's just me and hubby watching movies or going for a walk or doing whatever. Me time. :)

I've had some things to ponder lately. A new job opportunity has come up and I need to decide if I'm going for it, and do some thinking about what I'll do if I get it. If it's the right thing, if it's something I should try, or if I should just stay put. Actually I've drawn some of the Psy Cards about it. Maybe I'll post the reading, after I've pondered it.

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  1. I love those kind of days too. Mostly for me these are the Saturdays. Perhaps I should buy myself a pajama :D