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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Baptized in love

Pearls of Wisdom, Roxi Sim (7th House 2008)
I really love this deck, Pearls of Wisdom by Roxi Sim and Caeli Fullbrite, published by 7th House, 2008. I'd like to thank Chloe at Inner Whispers for making me taking it out of a sale offer I put up a few years ago, reminding me that I like it. (I do get a bit carried away with my deck purges at times. It's nice to have someone watching out for my best interests!) It's been three years since I blogged with this deck, so it's my deck for this week!

I read somewhere that Pearls of Wisdom Tarot is a 'master class in paganism.' It's true there is lot going on in each card. They are exuberant, playful and childlike, so colourful.

In this card, we see a glorious pink woman, naked baptizing herself in blue streams of water which she pours over her head from a golden chalice. The bottom of the chalice is framed by the sun. Daffodils grow in a circle around her. In the background, the earth maiden sleeps in the form of grassy hills. A bumble bee hovers to watch the pink lady, who of course is wearing a pearl necklace with a pink heart pendant (it is featured in the bottom right corner of the border as well; the chalice is in the bottom left corner). Going up the left side of the border, we have a large daffodil, and hanging above it from a peg is a rose quartz crystal point on a cord. Water pours from the mouths of golden fish figures, which are koi fish, symbolizing good luck. On the right border of the card is a cherry tree in blossom, with birds nesting there, feeding their babies.

What a glorious depiction of the Ace of Cups, which represents the limitless potential of emotion, feeling, intuition, and love.

It has been a beautiful day. Hubby and I practised yoga together (Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh, which totally kicked my butt!) and went for a two-hour walk around the town, visiting local churchyards. We love old churches and graveyards.

Blessing to all. May you be baptized in love today.

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  1. Glad to help out :D Sounds like a wonderful day!