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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Sherlock Holmes Tarot Week - Stick to it

Back to work today -- boo hiss. Today I've drawn 9 of Wands from the Sherlock Holmes Tarot (Connections, 2014). It has always struck me as an odd card, anyway. It seems so similar in appearance to the 7 of Wands, and used to confuse me very much. Because the man in the 9 of Wands card has a bandage on his head and looks wary, most contemporary readings of the card involve notions of watching out for yourself after trouble, the aftermath of battle, or something sort of like that; continuing on despite fatigue, not giving up, taking extra precautions, etc. (The Golden Dawn name of 9 of Wands is Lord of Strength, and the Thothier meaning is 'Change is stability'. That's Crowley for you.)

We can see the tenacity of the 9 of Wands, somewhat, in the Sherlock Holmes card, which depicts Holmes (in famous deerstalker hat and tartan coat) and Watson on the moors investigating the case of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Holmes' obstinate refusal to give up his attempts to prove that there is a logical explanation for the hound is comparable to the stick-to-it-iveness of the man in the RWS 9 of Wands. 'The keys to understanding this card,' says the companion book, 'are all reflected by the struggle against seemingly impersonal, and at time overwhelming, forces that seek to impede even the smallest progress.'

Well, yay. It seems time to fall back on the question, 'What does this card suggest I can do today to make me happy and have a positive impact on my future?' The obvious answer is -- don't give up! After all, Holmes does solve the Baskervilles case (even it is pretty scary for a while there!) and I will solve whatever problem comes my way today, too.

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