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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tuning in

What a beautiful card we have today from Pearls of Wisdom Tarot. So often Swords cards are depicted as cold, devoid of emotion or awareness of beauty, connection to the earth. These are not absent from any of the cards in the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot. The suits are balanced.

It's the Page of Swords today, and the first thing I notice about it is the huge fat raindrops falling around the figure, and the rainbow and blazing sun in the sky. It is actually raining this morning -- maybe I'll see a rainbow today. In England, it's not at all unusual to have full on rain showers coming from a blue and sunny sky. Thus, I have seen some of the most spectacular rainbows of my life here. Where I'm from, rainbows are a rarer occurrence, and you never see them as large, as fully formed, or the colours as vivid as here. Something I'm sure to do with the mild, temperate climate we enjoy on this North Atlantic island. Conditions are just right for frequent rainbows. People here don't take much notice of them, but I will stand dumbstruck on the street for up to 10 minutes or more, if I have the leisure time, just staring at a rainbow. People passing me will look over their shoulders to see what I'm staring at. Crazy lady.

This Page of Swords kneels on the ground, leaning his forehead on the butt of his sword. The companion book suggests he is not able to lift it yet, which is an interesting idea. He has reverence for the sword, though, and also holds a small dagger in his other hand. The sword connects his third eye to the earth, and contains a spiral pattern that reminds me of kundalini energy. Around his neck is a strand of pearls with a golden disk pendant, sun symbol. His clothing is made up of pink and blue, and trousers are the colours combined to create purple. The daffodil and the purple coneflower are present. The companion book suggests that the daffodil stands for chivalry and the coneflower for skills and abilities -- both wonderful associations with this page, or knight in training. I love the feather in his cap.

The runes are tiwas (on the left) and sowulo (on the right). Tiwas points upward to the Norse god, Tyr, who is associated with law, heroic glory, justice, and all that good stuff. Very knightly aspirations. Sowulo (also sowilo) is 'sol', the sun. As you would expect, it stands for wholeness, fulfillment, enlightenment. The page draws energy from the earth, using the sword, his natural tool, into his third eye, the portal for higher wisdom. He draws upward, aspiring toward the heavens and higher planes. What balance we see in this card, amazing for a page. What a cool kid!

I always thought the Page of Swords was more thoughtful than the other pages, more analytical, and of course more in tune to right and wrong - he can get very fired up about issues and likes to engage in earnest debates, to challenge ideas. He's the kid in class who has not only read the textbook but has developed his own thoughts about the material and can eloquently express them, anticipated counterarguments, or even arguing from the viewpoint that opposes his own, just for fun. But I never thought of him as being this grounded and in tune with the om. But now that I think of it, if any of the Pages would be, I guess he'd be the guy.

Namaste -- enjoy your rainy Thursday. :)


  1. Lovely card and lovely insight into Page of Swords here. I too luff a rainbow. Who cares if folks think you're mad - keep on enjoying them, Carla!

  2. That sword seems dipped in water, as well as resting on the earth, and with the sunbeams falling across it, and the blade open to the air. He applies his mind to all the elements, interested in everything :) I don't always make time for rainbows, but I do appreciate them!

    1. Yes, it was in London where I most jostled during my rainbow gazing by people hurrying past me.

    2. I just saw the water as a puddle from the raindrops. Interesting to realise he's connecting to all elements. Page of Swords really is a cool kid!