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Monday, 9 June 2014

Hello bird

Shining Tribe Tarot, Pollack 2001
'Monday Monday 
Can't trust that day
Monday Monday
Sometimes it just turns out that way
Every other day of the week is fine
But whenever Monday comes
You'll find me cryin' 
All of the time...' ~ Mamas and Papas

The Shining Tribe Tarot offers 4 of Birds to me today. How appropriate. To me the woman on the cliff side looks as if she's been climbing the mountain and just couldn't go on anymore, so has stopped here, baking in the merciless sun, with curious birds circling around her. Of course, it's Monday and back to work, so I would see it sort of like that. But I need to look closer...

Rachel Pollack's companion books says the woman is resting on her way up the mountain on a vision quest (which explains why she is wearing a mask). I thought she was carrying a bag, but apparently she has one hand resting in a pool of water. There she receives her vision, the birds.

The meaning of this card is that you can't get enlightenment through striving for it. 'The card promises truth and healing in those moments when we stop struggling,' Pollack writes. She continues by contemplating the masculine concept of power - moving out to overcome - contrasted with the more feminine version of power - making a space and drawing the power to you. Well, that is beautiful.

This card, like many of the minors in Shining Tribe Tarot, actually has a great affinity to traditional RWS meanings, just with a glorious Pollack twist.

For today, may we cease our striving. May we just breathe, rest, and allow.


  1. Hope you did breathe and allow! Not so much of that here: nasty, stressy Monday and Tuesday's been no better so far. This is what comes of a Major's only weekly reading, perhaps... :)