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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Magnificent moments

It's the happy-happy-joy-joy card! Which is kind of funny because today I have to do 'evening cover', which means I don't get to leave the office until 17.30, and with my commute I won't be getting home until nearly 19.00. BUT, hubby and I have planned to have a long lunch and take the picnic blanket and some sandwiches from Subway out to the park and sit on the grass and watch the bunnies and birdies and listen to the wind in the trees and so that is probably going to be my 10 of Cups moment for today. :)

The Sirian Starseed LWB offers some questions for consideration at the end of each card interpretation:

Are you aware of all you have created  and how the world is unfolding through your manifestation? Are you feeling the magnificent of this moment in your life? How are you sharing the joy with others? Do you give thanks for all that flows into your life?

These are very good questions to hold in our hearts as we move through the events of the day.

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  1. Hope your lunch picnic was lovely! Hmm, not sure I appreciate the magnificence of the moment as much/often as I should, thanks for the reminder :)