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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Unabashedly odd and loving it

I have to laugh. This deck is forcing me to deal with its court cards. The Chrysalis Tarot (US Games 2014) offers me The Dreamer, Knight of Mirrors (aka Knight of Cups). At last, a court card that makes sense to me. The Knight of Cups is surely the dreamer of the tarot courts. The Dreamer here rides his magic carpet through his many daydreams and romantic thoughts. The tiger leaping forward could represent his imagination. He reclines on one elbow, his hand to his chin, showing that he himself is more of a, well, 'dreamer' than a doer. But when he does decide to take action, he can be impulsive (like a pouncing tiger).

The Knight of Cups has positive aspects I'm sure, but mostly I don't have much respect for him, as I see him as a moony teenager in love with his romantic notions about reality, himself and the world.


I need to ask myself today -- in what ways is it good to be a moony teenage boy, writing bad poetry to some girl in your 6th period study hall, listening to Morrisey, and smoking weed at the local socialist rally? Now that I think of it, it's probably good in every way! Why not dream? Why not?

We visited Glastonbury last weekend and I was greatly impressed by a man in one of the shops, a lovely bloke but wow! He was wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt decorated with a huge rainbow spiral, and on his forehead and wrists he was wearing copper coils. Yes, he was wearing a copper headband that put a spiral right in the middle of his forehead, and he stood there talking to us like it was the most conventional and routine thing in the world. We saw so many Dreamers in Glastonbury - a lone young  man in dreadlocks galumphing down the street with bare feet and robes tied about the waist with a length of rope, a lady selling raw chocolate confections that she claimed had a 'high vibrational frequency' (they were delicious by the way, and one bite seemed to thrum right through my veins), all these people openly and unabashedly being Dreamers. Hubby and I sat down on the steps of a statue in the square and ate floppy hummus and nut roast sandwiches and talked about how great it felt to be in the middle of a community where everybody is as weird as we are. We just aren't 'openly' weird.

Maybe the Dreamer card today is telling me -- why not be more openly weird? Why not ride the magic carpet a little more? Why not unleash that tiger in public a bit more?

Why not indeed!


  1. I've just ordered this deck. After reading your posts and some surfing around the internet I've decided this deck could be a challenge to embrace a non traditional deck and I love the artwork!

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  3. ha! i am so digging out a hippie shirt today. ;) <3