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Sunday, 15 June 2014

What needs fixin in your life today?

Heart of Faerie Oracle, Froud 2010
Lovely tiled floors, there. The wild-haired little gnome woman looks a bit like a dalek in her strange little studded coat, pushing her mop. She really does look crazy as a bessy bug, but happy for all that.

This tiled floor and the name of the card, 'The Fixer', reminds me of a favourite film of mine, 'Batteries Not Included'. It's about these friendly little spaceships who visit earth and fix things. The rather senile old woman who lives in the building calls them the 'fix-its' because they like to fix things. And there's a scene when the little baby spaceships tries to help rebuild a demolished building by picking up one tiny tile and setting it in place. It's so sweet.

The little lady here is like the fix-its in 'Batteries Not Included' -- happy to help, following her instincts to put things in order and keep things running. She might not be entirely right in the head, and certainly does not fit any conventional ideas of normal, but she's happy, and that's the important thing.

I think the card has many lessons: 1) We can fix things for ourselves, 2) It doesn't matter how you fix things as long as you try - and it doesn't matter how it looks to others or what they think of you when you go about your fixing, and 3) I should really mop the floor today.

Hope you all have a restful Sunday. Wear your bathrobe all day and let your hair stick out in all directions. Who's gonna care? :)

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  1. Ha ha I could use a little fixer around my home. In Holland we have our little house gnomes who will do the work for some food or a small gift. Perhaps I could hire one of those :)
    Have a nice PJ sunday