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Saturday, 12 July 2014

The bridges can wait

This week I'm drawing from an oracle deck called Oracle of Proverbs, self-published by Delphi Sutherland, 2013. The artist appears to be uncredited in the LWB.

This is a good card for me to draw every day, because my default mode tends to be, 'Never put off to tomorrow what you can worry about today.' I am taking steps to try to turn that around, though.

This card reminds me to focus my attention on where I'm standing right now.

Anyway, look at the card. There is a path that leads upward on the far left. There is what looks like a path that might lead right down along the riverside in the middle of the card. And for all this walker knows, when she gets to the bridge, it might be blocked. So why worry about the bridge. There are so many options -- none of which matter right now anyway. What matters right now is the step she is lifting her foot to take, that's it. That's all that matters.

I've made promises to myself about what I want to accomplish today. Time to go do them. Screw the bridges. The bridges can wait.


  1. I like the option of the mountain path. Sometimes you can worry so much about how to cross the bridge you don't see other options anymore

  2. Like Ellen, I love that you spotted so many other options :)