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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

When Aniruddha met Usha

Sacred India Tarot 
The Page of Lotuses from Sacred India Tarot features Aniruddha and Usha, depicted here fleeing from Usha's angry father (they just got married without asking anyone first, crazy kids).

As usual it's a pretty complicated story. But to sum up, Usha has a dream of a handsome prince and knows she can love no other, so her friend draws pictures of all the princes in the land, which Usha examines until she finds him - Anirhudda, the grandson of Krishna. The artist friend goes and convinces Anirhudda to meet Usha, they fall in love and get secretly married. Usha's father chases them down, puts Aniruddha in prison, but eventually he cools down and they all live happily ever after.

This seems an appropriate Page of Cups card, I suppose, as the two principles are young and get swept up in impetuous actions and emotions. They both certainly trust their impulses and pay no heed to reason or conventions of behaviour.

I wonder what impulsive behaviour I might be tempted by today. Or maybe the card is telling me to be a bit more open and impetuous than I usually am. Hmm. Must watch for it. Considering I'm working from home today, there's not much scope for being swept away!


  1. Maybe your Page of Cups will sweep you away when he gets home from work ;)

    1. He's working from home, too. Sat across the room from me. But the day is young. :)