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Friday, 11 July 2014

You are everything, and everything is you

Sacred India Tarot 
And that means you are nothing, too. But in a good way.

Today's card from Sacred India Tarot is 6 of Discs (Pentacles). The Discs suit depicts the life of the Buddha, and this card is the scene in which Buddha is tempted by Mara and his three daughters, Desire, Unrest and Pleasure. Buddha vanquishes them all and in a blaze of energy experiences all of his past lives. He then passes through eight levels of samadhi to become the Buddha. In despair, Mara taunts him: 'Who is the person so vain as to call himself a buddha?' To which the Buddha replies, 'There is no person here,' touching the earth to bear witness. Buddha has realised his oneness with all, which means he is not an individual at all, and thus 'there is no person here'.

If the 6 of Pentacles is the card of charity, I can think of no greater gift than the teachings of the Buddha. And no greater act of charity than that of the bodhisattvas, who choose to remain on this earth, not passing into nirvana, in order to help others realise their own enlightenment.

The card asks us to give the best of ourselves, and remember that we are part of everything and everything is part of us.



  1. That was a beautifully eloquent post, Carla. I really got the meaning of the card through your words. I love the stories of the Buddha.

    Such a lovely illustration too. I often looked at this deck and wondered if it was for me. It's quite different from the RWS, isn't it? That was never a problem before but at the moment, I am keeping that particular 'umbrella' as my focus.

  2. Beautiful description you wrote for this 6 of Discs. So true. It is very helpful for me to spend time with the teachings of Buddha. I like to repeat to myself often "I am in the Universe; The Universe is in my body; The Universe and I combine together". Indeed we are all one.

  3. Giving the best of ourselves - lovely!