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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Deck Review - Silver Witchcraft Tarot

I received the Silver Witchcraft Tarot last Friday afternoon and have been looking at it all week. Here's a little review. 

Even though the deck is borderless and doesn't have multi-lingual titles, it does scream LoScarabeo from head to toe, so if that puts you off, beware. The artwork is by Franco Rivolli, who seems to be a very prolific craftsman because he has done quite a few tarots. 

In all honesty, after just one week, I cannot say if this is a deck I will end up keeping. I will just provide you with a list of my own pros and cons. 

  • Colourful art work. It reminds me of the Radiant Rider Waite. 
  • Shiny silver edges.
  • Suits have the elemental attributions I am accustomed to - Wands Fire, Cups Water, Swords Air, Pentacles Earth. 
  • There's at least a bit of action in the deck, things being blown about by the wind and so forth.
  • The seasons of the year are depicted in the illustrations, somewhat.
  • Traditional court cards are represented
  • Strong earth-centric energy.
  • Includes variety of ages, races and body types.
  • No sexualised images.
  • Most cards have at least a vague connection to traditional meanings. 
  • Elementals are represented (though they may also be a con!)
  • The cards have a vibe. Can't say fairer than that.
  • Images are slightly samey, consisting mostly of people in robes.
  • The figures are fairly stiff and static. 
  • The pip cards do not have the correct number of pips.  :(
  • Cardstock is thick and shiny. (Some people love that)
  • Some of the cards do not make sense without the book. But there are only a few cards like this. 
  • The little sylphs, gnomes, undines and salamanders are a bit too cutesy.
  • All the cubes are a bit distracting. 

Silver Witchcraft Tarot - the cube cards
See--that's a lot of cubes. A friendly friend (Chloe from Inner Whispers) told me that the cubes are meant to represent the 'material sphere', the 'intellectual sphere' and the 'divine sphere'. Which is great I suppose - but why are they cubes and not spheres? Mwa ha ha. I crack myself up. 

Silver Witchcraft Tarot -the minors 2-9
I've read online that the minors in this deck, 2-9, are meant to follow the Wheel of the Year. Apparently number 2 is Yule, and they run through the year to 9 as Samhain. This touch doesn't really add any value for me personally, and if I were to use this deck, I'm sure I would ignore that.

There is nothing wrong with this deck, but I can see that I won't be getting it out for reading and for myself I don't find the images visually arresting enough to keep the deck to look at. So it really deserves a better home where it can be appreciated and loved.

FOR SALE OR TRADE - SILVER WITCHCRAFT TAROT - Just opened last Friday afternoon. New in box. £14 free shipping in UK. If you have something to trade for it, make me an offer. :) 
Deck has been successfully traded. :) 


  1. As an artist I am always very keen to look at what other artists are creating, and those made by artists.
    I am very appreciative of detailed imagery that stimulates my imagination through story. I do like more traditional themes. I agree with you Carla and I don't find the images compelling.

    1. It's a pretty enough deck and would work great for some, particularly those who practice Wicca. I hope it finds a good home, this copy. It would be a shame for it to go to waste!

  2. fantastic blog Carla, greetings from Poland...