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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Empowerment Spread

This spread is inspired by journal writing prompts and is meant to help you set your intention to be more empowered and aware of your thoughts, words and actions over the coming week. There's a little predictive element thrown in there as well. 

What do you do if you try this spread and the advice seems all to be negative cards? For example, you're told to have 5 of Swords thoughts or 8 of Swords words? And what if the outcome of following the advice turns out to be The Tower? Before you give up and change your question to what shouldn't I do, try very hard to see the good side of the card. You do the same when coming up with a so-called 'reversed meaning' of the Sun. So why not try it with 5 of Swords, which might mean, for example, constructive criticism that hurts (makes you feel defeated) but is for the best in the long run? 

Give this spread a go today and then follow through with it throughout the week. Try keeping track of the results in your tarot journal. 


  1. I tried this today and my outcome was 5 of Coins (Old English Tarot) - so....Thoughts = The Sun (good, positive) Words = 6 of Coins (give and take, know when to speak, when to listen) Deeds = 5 of Wands (interact with others, know my strengths) .....could mean that if I follow through with these three I may understand what is missing? If the others help me feel empowered, it may show up what I lack? I'll must on it this week. Thank you for the spread :-)

  2. Maybe going through your week in such a positive way will make you more sensitive to the perceptions of others, particularly those who are feeling left out or abandoned. It could be that those people will be more drawn to you as a result of this week because you have shown them kindness.