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Monday, 11 August 2014

Learn to release -- time to drop that sack

I rarely post about oracles because to me, oracles tend to be straightforward, personal messages. There is not a lot of interpretation involved, whereas of course tarot cards are so full of esoteric symbolism and associations that they could be discussed and written about forever (and hopefully will be!).  Today's draw from Conscious Spirit Oracle by Kim Dreyer (2013) gives us an affirmation:

'I release that which does not serve my higher purpose with gratitude and love.'

What unwanted clutter is holding you back from your full potential? We've all got it. It's just a matter of realising you're holding on to it. 

This reminds me of a story I read somewhere. A man is walking down a path, carrying a huge sack on his back. The sack is quite a burden; he's nearly doubled over. The man stubs his toe on a rock in the path and stumbles. 'Oh, idiot,' he says to himself. He stops, picks the rock up, smashes himself in the head with the rock and throws it into the sack. He continues down the path, trips on another large rock. 'Stupid! Stupid!' he mutters, stops and picks up the rock, smashes himself on the head with it and throws it in the sack. He does this another three or four times and finally a second man who had been standing on the road side observing this (the man with the sack wasn't able to move too fast or get too far for obvious reasons!) finally steps into the road. 

'Excuse me,' says the observer. 'I don't mean to be rude, but what the hell are you doing?' 

'I keep tripping over these rocks,' says the bag man. 'I need to remember not to do that. I need to carry these reminders of where I've gone wrong so I won't mess up again.'

'But,' says the other man, 'Wouldn't it be easier to just put the sack down?' 

'I can't do that. I need this stuff. It's who I am.  I can't just drop the sack -- my mother's in there!'

Are you like this man, carrying the burden of every 'mistake' you've ever made, blaming yourself, carrying the old tapes of self-criticism, and maybe criticism or expectations of others that you've picked up along the way? What would happened if you dropped that sack? 


Let's look at the Sirian Starseed to find out more about how we can release what needs releasing...consider how these cards could apply to your own situation, whatever it may be.

1. What is the one thing I can do this week that will create the biggest results in my life? 
Five of Chalices (or Cups) says to me that I could do with shifting my focus to the here and now. Right here and right now. The LWB to the Sirian Starseed advises us to try to 'understand how we are creating our own disappointment in the unfolding of the situation that is causing sorrow.' Wow. How are we creating our own disappointment? 

2. What do I need to make a decision about?
Adept of Chalices is Knight of Cups, so what I need to make a decision about is where my passions lie. Knight of Cups is turning up a lot for me lately. Are you pursuing something because you want it, or because you want to want it? Or because someone expects you to? Why do you do what you do? What do you really want to do?

3. How can I be more authentic?
Two of Orbs is Two of Pentacles...I can be more authentic when I ground myself and consider my options - or better yet, reconcile them. Find a balance. Your balance may not look like anyone else's. It doesn't have to. The woman in the card, representing balance and groundedness, walks in a mist and appears almost as if she's floating. What does she care how it looks? It makes sense to her. 

4. What beliefs are holding me back and how can I free myself of them?
Master of Crystals is King of Swords -- and what holds me back is clinging to the rational. Not everything is so colour-coded and step-by-step. And not everything makes sense. You can't always cover all your bases, and you can't always plan ahead for every eventuality. Most of all, not everything's going to be perfect. It's okay to be messy, random and not quite in control of the situation. 

And well, what could be messier, more random or more out of control than the TOWER. Holy crap, Batman. I need to smash my way out of this blinkered thinkin'. It's not going to be a simple matter of saying, 'Okay enough with the plans. Let's get spontaneous.' No, this is going to feel like a big upheaval. And that's okay. 


  1. Wow Carla those are good questions, and amazing answers! The story of the man with the sack is both funny and sad... How often we do that. I also love the Sirian Starseed interpretation of the 5 of Chalices. Lots of good insights, as usual. Great post!

    1. It's funny, isn't it? The behaviour is just that silly.

  2. I loved the story of that man. Sometimes and oracle card can provide us with a great theme for reading :D

    1. Yes, I think I may repeat this format on Wednesday -- see what oracle we get then!

  3. I had a reminder today, too, about living in the moment, right now! And I see what you mean about this deck speaking to you, even when the cards don't seem to make sense ;) Perhaps falling in love with this deck is the start of that Tower crumbling...

    1. I hadn't thought of that, but you're right! We think that the Tower is always so suddenly smashed, but what about Towers that collapse after a period of erosion? Hmm.