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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Let yourself be that guy and see what happens -- Knight of Cups

Recently I posted about shining a light, and today in my Daily Greatness Yoga Journal, I was asked the question, 'How can I shine my light more?' I decided this was a good question for the tarot -- and I drew the Knight of Vessels (or Cups).

I must admit my attitude to the Knight of Cups has been a little harsh. He always strikes me as a moony adolescent. But you know, he does have qualities that would help us shine our lights more.

He throws his whole heart into things.

He holds nothing back.

He is completely open in expressing how he feels in the moment, and does not balk from expressing how he feels in the next moment, even if he's changed his heart entirely (much like Romeo's sudden change of allegiance from Rosaline to Juliet.)

He doesn't care what people think about his devotion and passion.

He allows himself to be vulnerable.

He is willing to take tremendous risks in pursuit of what he wants.

He believes that persistence will win out.

His balloon never lands. :)

I can see how his qualities could help us shine a light in our lives. Being the Knight of Cups for a while will help us reconnect with what is really important to us, and fill us with the love and devotion to commit ourselves fully to those things, not out of obligation, but because we adore them.

Allow yourself to be a bit Knight of Cups this week, and let's see what happens.

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  1. Ha, the "He doesn't care what people think about his devotion and passion." is one I've been thinking about this week. It's something I definitely need to work on!