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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Your Tarot Horoscope for the Month!

Legend Arthurian Tarot 

It's appropriate that the Moon card falls on today, the full moon -- and a super moon, the biggest one until September 2015! 

I feel a sudden impulse to do something new today, so I've done a one-card draw for you all based on your sign. This is your tarot horoscope from this full moon until the next on 9 September: 

Aries - Queen of Swords
You will be shrewd and insightful in your dealings with people -- or you'd better be! You will see the truth of a situation and will need to use your powers of speech and persuasion to get others to see it, too. 

Taurus - 5 of Pentacles
This is a great month for taking it easy on yourself -- you may have a tendency to compare yourself to others, worry about money, or feel generally down. Remember your blessings, because they are many! When you let up on yourself, you will feel much better. Take lots of nice hot bubble baths and be kind to yourself. 

Gemini - Page of Cups 
Life is feeling beautiful and amazing for you this lunation! Take advantage of it by getting out and playing with child-like gusto. You may find yourself entranced by a butterfly or falling in love with the dewdrops on a spiderweb. Indulge these moments.

Cancer - Temperance
Ahhh, sweet equilibrium for you this month, lucky you! Not too hot, not too cold, but just right -- life is feeling on such an even keel we should start calling you Goldilocks. Enjoy!

Leo - Strength
You've drawn your own card! And this full moon was in Leo as a new moon. It seems it's your time to shine. :) 

Virgo - Moon
You may find yourself feeling puzzled by events in your life. Go within and you will find the answers you seek -- though they may be a little bit scary, it's good to face the 'monsters of the deep'. 

Libra - Sun
Things are so obvious to you in the coming weeks! The light of clarity is shining itself at last on something you've been wondering about. Don't miss the opportunity to act on that clarity. 

Scorpio - Judgement
There's something you've always wanted to do but were just waiting for the right time. It looks like now is the right time! Take the first steps this week. 

Sagittarius - World
In the coming weeks, you will find yourself feeling a deep sense of connection. Breathe deep and enjoy that feeling. Let yourself become expansive and replete with it. Wallow in it. 

Capricorn - Hierophant
Whatever it is that has been troubling you, now is the time to seek out advice from the experts. Read a book, visit a doctor, or talk to a friend who's been there. You will make better progress than you have done on your own. 

Aquarius - 5 of Wands
Your projects are beginning to feel like a bit of a battle. Nothing huge, just a constant bombardment of little annoyances. These will probably continue over the coming weeks, but remember -- they're character building! And once they're sorted out, they probably won't be back. 

Pisces - 7 of Cups
This is a time of dreaming. Why not make a dream board, start a new Pinterest board, or write in a journal about all the things you'd like to manifest in your life? Dream, dream, dream! Now's the best time for it. 

And in honour of the full moon --


  1. Okay, child-like gusto here I come! :D

    1. Stared at any dewy spidewebs lately?

  2. Can't say I have, but I've been enjoying watching my baby chew on biccipegs and swat at toys, and lift up on his arms to see the world :)