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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Deck Review: Conscious Spirit Oracle

Conscious Spirit Oracle by Kim Dreyer ( US Games 2013)

What's included
You get a 44-card deck in a tuck box with a Little White Book (LWB). The deck measures 5.25 x 3.5 x .5 inches. The LWB is 43 pages. 

The cards 
Measuring 5.25 x 3.5 inches (13 x 8.5 cm), the cards are a nice size for seeing the details of the appealing artwork. The cards have very little lamination and are silky and pleasant to the touch. They riffle and bridge beautifully and, like all US Games decks, feel hardy and durable. The card backs are beautiful, depicting chakra colours, the world tree, the moon phases, and all sorts! 

The art
The art has been compared to Crystal Visions Tarot. I can see the similarities, but I think the images are more varied and the technique seems a bit more accomplished in Conscious Spirit Oracle. It is a very feminine deck in style, and every card features a youthful, nymph-like female figure in various attitudes of devotion, usually with closed eyes. Your attraction to/patience for this sort of thing may vary. I have a low tolerance of glowing nymphs, and yet I like this deck very much. 

The structure
Unlike many oracle decks of this type, the Conscious Spirit Oracle is not just a set of nice affirmations. Kim Dreyer has included deeper esoterica which I appreciate. The elementals are represented in the Fire, Water, Earth and Air cards. There is a Sun goddess and a Moon goddess (I would have liked a sun god but you can't have everything). The 7 chakras are represented. There is a Maid card, a Mother card, and a Crone card. The archangels are there, too (Raphael and Michael, though quite androgynous, seem to be male, which is nice!) I would have liked to see more representation of masculine energy, but this is all too often too much to ask. I have no idea why. The remaining cards are typical oracle cards - Transformation, Balance, Celebrate Life, Gratitude, etc. 

The affirmations
The affirmations include a sort of call to action, which I quite like:

'I celebrate and honour my physical body through dance and movement.' 

'I respect all of nature's elemental beings and help preserve life on Earth.' 

'I speak my truth and encourage others to speak theirs.' 

'I celebrate each sunrise and recognise the healing energies of the sun.' 

Each card gets roughly 3/4 a page of text expanding upon the meaning of the affirmation. Here is an example:

Card: Crystal Ascension
Affirmation: 'I am attuned to the universal wisdom and energy of the crystal kingdom.'
LWB (excerpt): 'You are being asked to bring crystals and minerals into your personal environment. Your current environment contains too much artificial energy from material possessions, cell phones, computers and microwaves which causes imbalance in your body's energy as well as the energy within and around your home and workspace.' 

The verdict
I have been using this deck quite a bit over the last few weeks and I find it quite enjoyable to work with. I'm keeping it. If you like affirmations, crystals and chakra healing and have no aversion to frolicking nymphet artwork, try this deck! 



  1. Excellent review worthy of this deck. Luckily no temptation for me here, because I've already bought it. :) I use this deck ( and many of my oracle decks) mainly for daily draws or I draw one card in answer to a question. In my opinion that way this deck performs best

    1. I use it to draw an affirmation for the day. :)

  2. Begone, foul temptress! Yikes, they are pretty. No, I shall stay strong... ;)

    1. Oh go on, this deck is like £8!

    2. That's not the point! The point is I already have too many decks, as I don't trade them away :D But you're right, Book Depository has it about half price compared to Amazon...

    3. I'd be happy to re-home some of them. :)

    4. While it would probably be good for my soul, I cannot be parted from even my least favourites. What if one day someone asked a question about a deck, and I no longer had it there to consult? *yikes* :D
      And I ended up clickety clicking. Book Depository had it full price on their direct site, half price through Amazon. Weird, but it made it such a good deal.... :o

    5. I'm getting the Daniloff. I bet you already have the 1st edition. :D