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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lennie Week - Practice Triplet

Here's a three-card draw for all of us today: 

Sun + Moon + Anchor =

Work - Things are looking so much brighter with my anchor back in harbour! Where's your fresh new brightness coming from?

Relationship - Opposites forming strong bond of stability -- Me and hubby, strong as usual. How about you? What strong bonds do you enjoy?

Well-being/Spirituality - Security comes from a balance of polarities. How are you out of balance in your spiritual life and how can you bring yourself back into equilibrium?

Health - Active days and plenty of sleep at night = a good foundation for health. Advice we can all take.

Hope you found lots of food for thought here. I did. :)

1 comment:

  1. Love your different takes on aspects of life. Let's see, for me:
    Work - Emotional energy can be focused into work - I sure hope so! :)
    Health - emotions having been weighing down my motivation.
    Spirituality - intuition and insight work together...

    Really enjoyed how you read these for both yourself and with useful questions and advice for others!