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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lost my Google Plus

Well, things just get better and better. For some reason my Google Plus ID is gone. So all the people I was following and all my followers are lost. Fortunately Blogger still let me sign in and allowed me to set a new ID - very big of them considering this is my blog and all I did was try to sign in. I've used the same photo but this one is called just 'Carla' and it's not on Google Plus. 

Oh I give up. Who knows if the next time I get on here I'll even be able to get into my blog at all.

All the blogs I was following -- lost. No feed.

Complete and utter crap.

I may come back later to do today's card draw. For now I'm going to make another pot of decaf and get a pillow and blanket and get on the sofa.


  1. Your post showed up on your google plus account - https://plus.google.com/#101097520621555545477/posts. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you lost.

    1. I'm certain I've misunderstood it! I can't see google plus on my blog, but I see it on, say, youtube. my followers have disappeared from my sidebar. :(

  2. I never worked out Google Plus... I preferred Google when it was a clean mean search engine and possibly GMail... I am looking for alternatives to the whole Google world... and on another more personal note, take care Carla, and listen to your instincts...at times like this is it often the hardest thing to do but the thing we need most to do. *HUGS*