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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Outside in

This is a beautiful card from Sirian Starseed Tarot (Cori 2013). It's the Hierophant, and it features a statue of Buddha floating between the forepaws of the Sphinx. All the colours of the chakras swirl around them.

"What is that which in the morning goeth upon four feet; upon two feet in the afternoon; and in the Evening upon three?" 

This is the riddle of the Sphinx. It speaks to us of stages of life...Everything we go through is a process. No matter how random and chaotic things seem, there is a process to them. I'm not saying there's a master plan because I do not believe in master plans. But there is a process. We do not have to discover it so much as surrender to it. Allow it to happen.

I'm still in shock and in turmoil. But I am beginning to see that there are things out there than can act as a bridge. Organisations, systems, and bodies that exist to help and to guide, and I can access those. It's the traditional interpretation of the Hierophant.

Now here I differ with the meanings given in Cori's LWB:
'Starseed knows that this connection to Source needs no intermediary and that the ultimate measure of one's spiritual direction comes from within.'

Source and spirituality are both concepts, human constructs. Where do they come from? They come from us. We created these concepts, they are taught to us, and they do not just come from 'within'. Source may be out there (I am very sure it is), but we cannot experience it without conceptualising it, and we cannot conceptualise it without all the nurturing, bonding and teaching that makes us self-aware human beings; therefore, we do need an intermediary. I'm not talking the Pope. I'm talking the steady eye contact of an infant to its mother. The acquisition of language. The ability to conceive of a self and others. We are not born with any of these things, and without them, we cannot hope to achieve awareness of 'Source' or any type of 'spirituality'.

'Perhaps the greatest lesson for the true seeker as taught by the Buddha, is that we are the creators of our own harmony or suffering, and hence we are the cause and effect of our own karma.' 

Possibly -- but what about the concepts of 'seeker', 'harmony', and 'karma'? Didn't we need a teacher outside ourselves to get to the place that we can deal in these abstractions. Of course we did.

We need to be taught, to be trained, to be guided, from the very beginning of life, if we are to reach our potential. It is a nonsense to say that after a certain point, we can no longer benefit from outside guidance and must 'look in' to our 'inner truth'. The very concept of your 'inner truth' is something you've learned outside yourself. Think about it.

And so, YES, authorities, organisations, helpers, guides, mentors, counsellors, groups can help us. It is not only okay to seek them out, quite often it is necessary. Some things we simply cannot figure out on our own. You have always depended on the help of others from the first day you were born. Now's not the time to decide you are entire of yourself. (The same people who say 'we're all connected' are the ones who say 'it's all up to you'. Which is it, then??)

I mean, where did these two symbols of 'spirituality' come from? A man-made monument (Sphinx) and a MAN. (Buddha).

So yeah, we are exploring every avenue available for help in our time of need.

And the Indigo Angel Oracle for today is:

 ''Sometimes it's difficult for Indigos to see that those around them, especially those in authority, actually do love them." ~LWB 

Allow help and support from the outside. Seek it out. Allow love.


  1. I agree with you to some level. I do think we become human through the interaction/guidance of other humans but when we have gathered knowledge through learning and experiences, I also believe we can go within and transform all of this into our own unique wisdom
    I am so happy you are finding bridges which might be helpfull

    1. Thanks, it's a slow process but we seem to be making a start.

  2. It's so true that we are never truly isolated, even if it sometimes feels that way. Glad you're finding institutions that can help!