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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Be a booster

What is the will of the Universe for me today?

The Tarot de St Croix offers Six of Cups in answer to this question, a card that is generally interpreted to mean innocence, or nostalgia for simpler times. As usual, there is a bit of twist on this. The guidebook says:

The little girl is focused on giving her playmates exactly what they most desire, symbolised by what is in their cups. 
Meaning: By opening your heart to friendship and love, it is returned.

That's fair enough, let's take a look. We have a teddy (probably Winnie the Pooh) with honeycomb and honey. Then a troll doll with a swirl -- no idea what that is. A monkey with a banana. Raggedy Andy with a heart. Somewhat disturbingly, a golly having a rainbow poured into his cup (not sure I'd have gone there). And finally, a bunny with some carrots.

My message is made clear--today is a day for paying attention to others and helping them get what they need. I will do my best. It reminds me of a song from my childhood:

Booster, booster, be a booooooster!
Don't be grouchy like a roooooster!
Booster, booster, be a booster!
And boost our Bible school!

(Okay, the relevance fizzles out at the end, but that's how the song goes. :) )


  1. That sounds like what you pretty much always do: being of service to others :) Still, perhaps finding the joy in it for yourself, as well, is part of the message here... Really enjoying your readings with this deck!

  2. Oh wow, you must have spent time in the southern U.S. to have picked up that song! (Runs to find Comet to try to scrub it from her brain.) :D

    1. I am Southern. I was born in Memphis and grew up in northeast Arkansas. I was raised on rasslin', Hee-Haw and Jeezus.

    2. No wonder you feel like a long-lost cousin! :D