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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Feeling good

Language of Letting Go, Hay House 2005

Today's card comes from a deck that is not a tarot and it is not an oracle -- though you could use it as such. It's a set of affirmation cards by Melody Beattie, based on her book of daily meditations called 'The Language of Letting Go'.  This card is called 'Feeling Good'.

It seems counter-intuitive to think that sometimes we resist feeling good. But actually -- we do. Some do it more than others. What are some ways we resist feeling good? We focus on irritations. We dwell in the past, and the things we dwell on are bad memories. We stuff food in our faces without tasting it. We criticise ourselves. We criticise others. We allow the news on TV, internet and radio to darken our day. We lose sight of the value of our lives. We become pain seekers.

The back of each card has an affirmation. This card reads:

'Today I will let go of my need to be in pain and to suffer through crises. I ask God for assistance in moving as quickly as possible through my sad feelings and problems. I ask for help in experiencing joy, peace and gratitude every day. I will accept what's good in my life today!'

Who would have thought that we have a 'need' to be in pain. And yet, looking at our habits, some of us will see that we do have such a need. We can let go of this need, Beattie remind us, with help from our Higher Power.

May I move through this day in search of joy instead of trouble.


  1. Hi Carla. It is good to hear form you again. I want to wish you a very good and joyful new year with lots of happy and wonderful experiences!

  2. Hit it on the nailhead today Carla. We cling to what seems normal to us, not always recognizing normality for the chasm it is.

  3. An interesting perspective on looking for trouble - how it can feel good to feel bad. May you find much joy, today and every day.

  4. I have these cards too--they are one of the better miscellaneous card decks. I love this kind of sprightly folk art.