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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Golden cornucopias

Sacred Rose Tarot (US Games 1982)
A cornucopia of abundance is what I have drawn from Sacred Rose Tarot (US Games 1982) today. The RWS and Thoth versions of this cards are noted for the Tree of Life configuration of the Pentacles, and we have an echo of that here. It's a little squished but I think you can see that the artist is acknowledging it.

What does the Tree of Life have to do with the Ten of Pentacles, though? It suggests that this card is to the tarot minors what the World card is to the tarot majors. (It's also interesting that the the Ten of Pentacles is the only card in the pack that depicts the Tree of Life in its entirety.) In some ways, the Ten of Pentacles represents a culmination of all the work that has gone before. It is like a payoff, or a reward. The results of previous actions or events, and fortunately, the results seem pretty positive!

This card invites some questions:

What have I accomplished thus far in my life? (or in this week, this day, this project, this issue?)

Where have I come from?

How have I triumphed? What lessons have I learned?

What is in my life right now that could be considered a reward?

What are some things that I may not recognize as a culmination of what has gone before? How are they that?

If I step back and look, what 'big picture' can I see that normally I do not see? What connections can I make today to help me join up some of the dots in my life (or my situation, my feelings, my issues).

What is there in my life that I can feel proud of and satisfied with?

What is there in my life that makes me feel secure, grounded and contented?

Have I acknowledged and given thanks for those things?


  1. Those are fabulous questions, Carla! Acknowledging all these things and giving thanks, that's also beautiful :)

  2. Yes, these are wonderful questions! I pulled the 10 of Pentacles the other day as a summary card in a self-reading and it was really all about the answers to the questions you pose here. It's very good, positive, food for thought.