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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

What are you hanging on to?

Hezicos Tarot 
Today I've got the 4 of Coins, a card that is traditionally associated with being stingy with money. The card can also be seen as worrying too much about and hanging too tightly to anything, particularly as it pertains to the physical/material aspects of life. I've also often read it as pertaining to our time and how we spend it.

How are you worrying over, being too protective of, or being selfish or stingy with your time?

We talk about 'me time' and 'making time for ourselves', but it's also possible to go the other direction and be so protective of our 'time' that we end up not using it for anything at all. Then again, sometimes 'wasting' time comes from paralysis -- what if we spend a lot of time doing something and then we fail? We'll not only have wasted our time, we will have wasted our effort, possibly other resources (like ingredients if it's a new recipe, or doing our knee in if it's a new dance move or type of workout.)

Are you protecting your resources, your body, your time, so zealously that you end up sitting there doing nothing but holding on to what you've got?

Guess what happens to it eventually anyway. Time runs out. The body deteriorates. The milk and eggs spoil. The lotion loses its scent or goes hard in the bottle. The silver tarnishes. The nice clean pages in the blank book go yellow and fall out. All that stuff you were saving up so you wouldn't waste it -- wasted.

What do you need to stop wasting through trying not to waste it? :)


  1. Very good points, Carla! I think what I'm holding onto are some ideas about myself that could do with pruning... If I let them go, I will stop wasting my effort by sabotaging changes I try to make :)

  2. Hi Carla! It is good to see you back in blog land again! I like the idea of connecting this card to being overprotective of our time. I do tend to overestimate the amount of time the thing I want to do cost. so that makes me a bit greedy of spending my time. Sounds a lot like we are talking about money doesn;t it :D