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Friday, 12 June 2015

My trimmed Haindl is clean again

^^4 of Stones before cleaning...
A few years ago I bought a jumbo Haindl and trimmed it. Then for some unknown reason I decided to write key phrases on the cards. It didn't work out as I'd hoped and so into the box the deck went and hasn't seen the light of day for many a moon.

Today I tried using surgical spirit and cotton wool to wipe the writing off -- and it worked! So I'm pleased to say, the Haindl Tarot will be back in action!

This post is for Kelly at The Truth in the Story. It was her You Tube about the Haindl that inspired me to get mine out. Watch it here: First Impressions - Haindl Tarot .

So Kelly, here are the trimmed Haindl cards, thrown out across the floor. I really like this deck borderless! ---
Trimmed jumbo Haindl -- freshly cleaned of handwritten key phrases!

And this will give you an idea of the size--

Playing card, yellow box Rider, trimmed jumbo Haindl 


  1. Yay for cotton wool and surgical spirits! Though I've never managed to befriend this deck, despite wanting to as the books were written by Rachel Pollack...

    1. The books are interesting to read but I don't find them particularly helpful when it comes time to read this deck. Experience working with Thoth is probably the most helpful. It is a very grounded deck, to my mind, and has a lot of deeply ecological resonance. Thoth can be QUITE high level, hardly any connection to the earth at all, such is its concern for so-called 'High Magicks'. If Thoth were grounded...it would be Haindl. That's my take on it.

  2. I'm glad the marker came off with no ill effect to the cards! I am definitely going to have to get this version at some point and trim them down, both for the size and the matte finish! I have had such beautiful, in depth readings with these cards!

    1. They're really amazing cards, aren't they? I hope you enjoy your jumbo Haindl. Careful with the trimming, it's a big deck and I nearly did my thumb in because once I start trimming I just can't stop until the whole deck is done. My own fault. :)