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Thursday, 4 June 2015

She changes everything she touches

The Wicca Deck by Sally Morningstar

The Lady 

High note: All that you need is present
Low note: Issues of disempowerment are highlighted

The companion book to The Wicca Deck suggests that this card, The Lady, is the equivalent of the tarot High Priestess. Let's take a look at her.

A barefoot young woman with flowing dark hair stands on a green hill, barefoot. She wears a blue tunic with bell sleeves and a rope tied loosely round her waist. The full moon creates a halo behind her head. Above her floats a pentacle, at her feet a lit candle, in her left hand a sword, in her right hand a cup. On her left side, a swan swims in a pink sea, and there is a dove and pink and white roses. On her right side, a furrowed field, grain ready for harvest, and a honeybee. Over her head, a branch entwined with ivy, on which perches a crow. Very witchy, very Wicca.

The companion book says, 'The Lady signifies that you may have been feeling differently recently. New blood seems to be coursing through your veins, and you are changing as a result. It is possible to embody any characteristic we choose...The Lady indicates that you have the ability to stand up for yourself, even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes. You are the power behind your reality.'

I believe The Lady here is more 'Lady' of neopaganism than High Priestess of tarot. The Lady (as in 'Lady and Lord' or 'Goddess and Horned One') is more a combination of High Priestess and Empress. The Goddess of course is associated with the earth's constant, endless self-renewal. It reminds me of the Kore chant:


  1. That Libana chant brings back some fond memories; I think I still have their cassette tape somewhere. :)
    The earth's self-renewal process has much to teach; it's hard not to want to try to grasp people and things and make them permanent.

    1. We have the CD and every time we go on holiday, it is the soundtrack of our drive. It works -- we usually go on holiday at a wheel of the year time...

  2. I agree, she does seem more like the Goddess than the High Priestess. If I had to ascribe her a tarot card it would more likely be the Empress :) Hope you're feeling a sense of renewal.