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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tarot and Lennie as a daily draw

Fountain Tarot, 2014 
My card for the day is Page of Coins from the Fountain Tarot (2014). A youth plays in a field holding a glowing coin. This suggests there will be an energy of starting from scratch on something practical and hands-on, or if not starting from scratch, being receptive to guidance, being a learner.

I was pretty sure what that pointed to because today I am getting feedback about two things: 1) a project for work -- a set of display boards with a theme of 'Local Sporting History'. The manager of that sort of thing is coming for a bi-annual branch visit and will take a look at the display and either okay it or make suggestions for improvement, and 2) I will be getting feedback today about my unsuccessful interview from a few weeks back. Come to think of it, there may be another thing, because 3) I also recently submitted some papers for a qualification I'm going for and I might receive some feedback on those in email today.

I decided to draw from Lenormand to get more details on what this Page of Coins energy is about, and I drew:

Fox + Storks + Mountain 

Blue Owl Lenormand 
Wrong + Changes + Blockage/Isolation

Queen of Hearts = woman who acts as sister, godmother or confidante

I can see that these cards might point to the first and second scenarios above, but there's nothing here about a message, so the email is unlikely.

Woman reveals what was wrong that caused the blockage.

Clever woman suggests changes regarding blockage.

ETA: This is what happened today.

I had a really useful and productive talk today with my manager about some of the troubles I'm facing at work. This is a group that is not used to being managed and are not dealing at all well with the fact that now they have two assertive managers who are not backing down from enforcing changes that have already taken place in other parts of the service, except this last bastion of redundant practice. It is a difficult time. The Fox and the Mountain are perfect for the situation, and Storks takes on the meaning of change and female confidante very well. We also had a useful talk about my interview, what went well and not so well.

Overall, I believe the cards played out as I'd thought.


  1. Ha ha, my first thought when I get the Page of Coins is always "where's my yoga mat?" :D

    Glad you had such a useful meeting today!

  2. You were spot on with this reading, very cool. I like it when that happens. :) The other day I asked my cards how my trip to a near by town was going to go because my car sucks. I drew star+birds+cross, so I was like eeek, but just went about the trip anyhow. Turned out to be me and the kids discussing a girl who had just passed away the week before. Gotta love Lenormand!