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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Well, that's just great - Cross, Mountain and Clouds

In my job, I work one in seven Sundays. Today's the day. It's bright and sunny out, the weather seems cooler at least for the moment, and I finish my shift at 2.00. I draw five cards asking 'What does the day hold?' And I lay out:

Key + Tower + Cross + Mountain + Clouds

Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fletcher, art by Urban Trosch, AGM 2005

LOL! Holy crap! Key + Tower + Cross + Mountain + Clouds!

Now, yesterday I brought home a key (an interior key) because I am going to be the only senior member of staff at work today. And I left first. This draw immediately takes on several possibilities:

The key to the building caused problems and confusion yesterday (and today I may find out about it). -- Maybe they didn't realise I'd taken it and they spent a lot of time looking for it.


The key to the building (perhaps the alarm system) will cause problems today.


There will definitely (Key) be problems with the building itself today.


Closing the building ('locking up') will be particularly heinous today. (It's sometimes hard to get people out of the building. For some reason a family of twelve who don't speak English and have outstanding fines dating back to 2003 and expired cards often decide that coming to the information desk at 5 minutes to closing is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.)

I must admit when I turn over Lennie cards, I pause slightly to absorb each one before I turn over the next one, I was pretty amazed to get Cross... then Mountain...then CLOUDS. And the dark side of the Clouds is facing the Mountain. Great! Whatever this is will be a royal pain in the butt.

I'll be back with an update after work.

ETA: This is what happened:

I got to work and all the keys were okay, the building was okay. Everybody turned up, nothing went wrong. I got a lot of work done, customers were pleasant. Nothing happened during lock up procedures, everything was fine.

It had started to rain (Clouds) and so I'd asked my hubby to come get me from work. I was nervous setting the alarm (as I always am on a weekend after one time messing it up and having to call out an engineer to reset it), but that went off without a hitch. Out we went, door locked, hubby in sight, everything fine. So -- looked like I'd escaped that one, whatever it was.

Unfortunately for some reason hubby was out of sorts and got really nervous and ratty in traffic and we started having words and it was very upsetting because we've been working on this sort of thing and doing well lately. Then it suddenly hit me. 'This is it!' I said. 'This is it! You read my blog this morning and this is it. Lock the building then strife -strife -strife!' I punctuated the word strife by jabbing my finger repeatedly on my knee. 'It wasn't a lost key, it was THIS moment right now.' Hubby went quiet.

'The cards don't lie,' he said.

And that was the end of that bad moment. Without that awareness, it could have escalated, it could have stretched on...but it didn't. We came home and ate taco salad and watched a crap horror film ('Mama' -- it's stupid, avoid) and all is well.


  1. I love using the cards as preventatives instead of just passively watching things unfold. :) Thanks for adding the Part 2!

  2. So great when the cards help you stop and take a step back. Glad it meant you two could get over the argument- a bit of insight can go a long way :)