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Friday, 11 September 2015

Wait - Do I hear Ravel's 'Bolero'? Two of Cups in Fountain Tarot

Fountain Tarot, 2014
This card from Fountain Tarot reminds me of the Sirian Starseed Tarot. The thing is, I'm not sure I like it.

It's the Two of Cups, and we see here two robed figures standing in formation and making gestures toward the night sky, rather like synchronized swimmers. Two cups float above them. The bottom of the card has an oval shape, for no reason that becomes immediately apparent.

'The Two of Cups is crystal clear,' crows the companion book. 'It represents a deep, powerful connection between two energies.'

Does it?

'The recognition of synergy is unmistakable. When two spirits of this magnitude unite, the universe feels personal, and there is no telling what magic might be created.'

You think?

I don't really see a connection here. I see moving together in sync, sure, and reaching toward something higher than the two of them, but for me the Two of Cups never really meant that. These two seem more overwhelmed by what they perceive 'out there' than they do with each other, and that's not Two of Cups for me.

Maybe they're going for the 'two hearts beat as one' thing. As I contemplate the card, for some reason I just keep picturing synchronized sports -- swimming, pairs figure skating, that sort of thing. So maybe they're Torville and Dean, but Torville and Dean spent a lot of their famous routine locking eyes, that's part of its appeal. Meh.

At the very least, this card shows me moving in harmony with others (or at least one other) and that's a pretty good draw for the day. :) 


  1. This card reminds me of how M and I often bake together: each of us perfectly in sync with the other. It is almost like a dance or a perfect oiled machine. But we do have to look in each others eyes to know when to do what and where and we do have to communicate about minor alterations. So I prefer the classic depiction of this card too :)

    1. When I bake, I just tend to tell my husband to get out of the way. (We have the world's tiniest kitchen and he always decides it's a good time to put away cutlery when I am trying to mix up a cake.) :)

  2. Yes, those two seem more focused outward, and on those cups and the stars above. Admittedly, when you know someone really well a gentle touch might be all you need to remind one another of your presence. Still, it doesn't do it for me, either :D