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Thursday, 22 October 2015

A "dumb reading"* -- say what you see

CBD Tarot 
'How can I motivate myself to do a particular thing that I ought to do?'

Your desires and your actions are not cooperating. At some point they seem to have been moving together in the same direction, but both of them are now looking over their shoulder. At what? The direction from which they've come. The crossed wands show that earlier in the journey, they cooperated, worked together. But now, they are at an impasse. (A cross could be an alliance, or it could be an "X" as in "stop"). They're stalled out. If they were to turn their heads and look in the direction of travel, what would they see? 

They would see a man in a chariot. His gaze and the gaze of his two strange blue horses are toward the forward motion of the path. (The way the bodies, though not the faces, of King of Cups and Knight of Wands are facing). The chariot faces us, the viewer, but we see a wheel on the left and the horses' heads and the charioteer's gaze are to the left, so it looks to me like this chariot is being turned to the left, heading down the path, 'back on track'. The charioteer's left hand is coming up, elbow raised. I can just see him complete the motion to point his horses toward his right. The two horses that were pulling in opposite directions will come in line -- it's already beginning to happen, as their heads are both moving in the same direction. The King of Cups and Knight of Wands will hear the commotion, turn their heads, and follow his lead. 

The Chariot will surely be able to mow down obstacles in the way, and progress can be made, as long as the King and Knight follow in the path he clears. 

Will you allow yourself to take agency as the Chariot, or will you stay stalled out as the King of Cups?

(Notice my recent stalker cards of Knight of Wands and Chariot. Not surprising, as I keep reading about the same theme, using different decks on different days. And they say tarot is random. LOL)

*"Dumb reading" is a term of Enrique Enriquez - Eschew symbolism and esoteric knowledge in favour of looking at what's happening in the cards. 


  1. Just looking at the first three cards, I see calm emotions and fiery action both looking at those crossed wands. Exploring the crossroads you're at both emotionally and actively will move you forward, but you have to actually turn your gaze, your focus, to what is blocking your path right now... :)

  2. Although this particular Knight of Wands doesn't look that fiery. He is at least wielding a big club.

    So what's on the other side of the Chariot? What does the Chariot need to mow down. I drew Page of Cups.

    According to the reading method I'm using in this post, When a Page of the same suit as another court card appears, it means the first one is 'changing his mind'. So the King of Cups is 'changing his mind'. I then drew another card to see what the Page of Cups is moving toward -- and drew the King of Cups again. They are staring right at each other.

    My block is vacillation or lack of commitment.

  3. I've learned so much here! I'm particularly fascinated with the symbol of the cross, that it could either mean an alliance, cooperation or "stop". I've looked through the RWS deck and discovered quite a few cross symbols, e.g. on the Hierophant (crossed keys) and the crossed arms on the Nine of Cups and Two of Swords. So interesting! Thanks, Carla!

  4. I'm also in the process of re-learning to read the 'dumb' way... It's how I did my very first reading ever at age 15... and I still remember it - it changed my life and the life of the sitter forever. I find Enrique's work so inspiring and I'm really enjoying reading Camelia's book on the TdM. Finally some 'meaty' stuff to get stuck in with and draw on for inspiration.