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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The climb's more important than the mountain

Tarot of the Spirit, US Games 2011
Today's card is Eight of Earth, or 8 of Pentacles, from Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins. This card is called 'The Mountain'.

This card brings to mind an eagle on a mountaintop, with the rays of the sun streaming down on the lower hills. (It also makes me think of a circus Big Top -- I think it's the pointy bits with the stars in them.)

The pointy bits at the bottom and the rather triumphant sphere at the top bring to mind a concerted effort to overcome obstacles or blockages, determination to meet the challenge, and success at the end of it.

As it happens, the LWB says, 'Perseverance, commitment and discipline are the real keys to success. Talent is important, but not the most important factor.'

The card, then, has a traditional meaning of plugging away at something, and the journey being as important as the finish, and maybe even more important. It's the experience of doing and learning that is more fulfilling than the feeling of having it all done.

Remember that today as you go about your slogging, 'routine Tuesday' tasks -- enjoy the journey. This is the only 'this Tuesday' you're ever going to see.


  1. Interesting take on this card, it's a deck I don't have (and don't aspire to). Though I like the new name they've given it! Perseverance, commitment and discipline are always good companions when you want to get things done :) It may be the journey that counts, but I do love ticking things off my to-do list!

    1. Well the sun is in Virgo here, so you're all set for that to-do list!

    2. Ha ha, I'm always set for a to-do list ;)

  2. I agree with Chloe about how good it feels to tick things off my todo list but I can also relate to the fulfilling feeling of practicing and getting better at something little by little :)