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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Playing Card Week Day 4: Financial document snafu?

What does the day hold?

Black - red - black:  Ups and downs. Be aware.

Spades - Diamonds - Clubs: Troubles - money - work.

10 - 4 - 7: Lots, stable, troubles!

Good thing this is just a daily draw. When I woke up at Stupid O'clock this morning, I thought of calling in sick, but I'm not going to. I shall slog through it. I feel better now that I've been up a while, just tired. We need to get hold of some documents to give to the mortgage broker today, so there's the 4 of Diamonds, and 7 of Clubs is a practical problem. I think this looks like a past-present-future reading. I wonder what the practical problem is.

Now, if I read it as pertaining to my agreement in principle, it could mean there is some problem with the application and it may be delayed.

So we'll just have to see how this pans out.

Edited to add: Well, the day is done and now I know what the trouble was. We had a long discussion about what's troubling us or where we can compromise on the house. The unchanging boundaries of our budget was causing us strife until we did practical work on the problem and reached a compromise of sorts. I relented on the house being in the town centre so that hubby could have his off street parking. We found a house in our budget that was just listed today, and tomorrow morning first thing I am going to call to request a viewing. So, the cards played out! By the way, there was no snag in the finances. We got a decision in principle. :)


  1. Glad to hear the two of you were able to reach a compromise. And glad the finances are moving ahead smoothly. How exciting, it's all coming together :)

    1. So stressful. Nobody said it would be fun, but when they said it would be stressful, I didn't realise how stressful!

  2. I wonder which house this was. We didn't see our home in April - I bet this was the one that we ended up not buying because of the sagging gable!