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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Playing Cards Week Day 2: A Nine Card Draw

Tell me about my home buying process.

Five red cards and four black. The reds are hopeful, the blacks represent challenges. There are three Spades, the suit of 'the troubles that plague every man.' There is only one 7 (the trouble number), and one 9 (the fluctuation/change card). There are three 5s, a number which tends to do with 'other people', or could have something to do with physical reality, the body, health, or other material objects. There is only one Clubs card, having to do with 'work, callings and plans.' Diamonds appear only in the top line, but also thus become the first card of each vertical line.

Centre card
I cannot ignore that the wish fulfillment card, 9 of Hearts, sits in the centre of this spread. That is a very positive sign indeed!

Top line
Three reds = 'all is fair and fine'. The cards spell success and security, financially. We should receive a decision in principle (mortgage agreement) with little trouble. And I hope it also means we get an actual mortgage without a hitch!

Middle line
Black, red, black = 'Appearances can be deceiving, a temporary respite.' Spade, heart, spade. Woman who worries thinks she has a wish fulfilled but is disappointed. Deceptions seems to fulfil wishes but leads to a lot of stress.

Most likely this refers to thinking you've got a house only to find either something wrong with it or that someone else has already bought it. I haven't asked about what happens after buying a house, but about the 'home buying process.' So this doesn't refer to me getting in a house and finding I've taken on more than I can handle. It's more about frequent ups and downs.

Last line
Black, black, red = 'light at the end of the tunnel'.  Club, spade, heart. Physical, trouble, emotion. Craftsmanship, double trouble! Then Jack of Hearts, the 'lover'. Could this be a positive outcome, one of those, 'It was worth it' kind of feelings? Jack of Hearts looks back toward the two black cards, not away from them...


  1. I like the realism of your reading of that middle line. The emotional roller coaster that is house buying! Fingers crossed those diamonds play their role nicely, and you can look back emotionally on all you've gone through at the end of the process and say "it was worth it despite the ups and downs" :)

  2. Just reviewing some old entries, and this reading proved entirely accurate.

    Yes, we got a mortgage without a hitch at all.

    Yes, we put an offer on a house and started the process, only to find it needed major work and we decided not to buy it.

    And yes, we found a house we really like and it was all worth it. :)

    1. Yay for happy endings! :D

      And it's funny, just yesterday I was thinking about reviewing old blog entries, and remembering that you do it occasionally... ;)